[DFT] Gothic and food

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 07:14:05 PDT 2007


Some of us are doing meals together. Here is what I think we have so far.

I will have my coffee pot and coffee. If you want things like sugar, creamer 
bring it. Bring your own cup.

We will have a small grill. You are welcome to bring something to cook on 
it. I will have beer brats for my group. I am sure there will be a few 
extras if needed. I do not buy buns I use bread. So if you want buns for 
your brats bring em. If you want to add to this meal cheese, onion, 
tomatoes, more brats always good. I may bring a small package of sauerkraut. 

There are hints that we will have a two burner stove for Saturday and Sunday 
in addition to the grill.
Eoghans mom's tacos. Really bad for you but they taste great.
things I have:
36 count white corn tortillas,
hamburger  Gruffydd?

anything you want on the taco. BTW we will be warming the corn tortillas in 
butter. If this does not appeal to you bring flour tortillas.

meatball soup, bread and butter

we need:
I have some honey butter I will bring. we may need reg butter.
I am waiting on a recipe. If I do not get it by noon I am going with the top 
ramen recipe. So stay tuned.

I know we have some things that have been offered, however I can be a bit of 
a scatterbrain when I have not had my nap.

Talk to  you soon,

A new home for Mom, no cleanup required. All starts here. 

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