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Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 12 07:50:41 PST 2007

Greetings Dragonsfire Tor!!

Plans are well under way for this year's Guardian.

The site is the same as last year, with a few changes.  ANYONE who arrives 
before 7 pm, will need to pay 5 dollars to the site owner for Friday night.  
The set up crew is already determined, and they will be allowed to arrive 
early on Friday to set up the event, everyone else arriving before 7 pm will 
have the extra charge. (I need to get the website changed to reflect this, 
in bold and caps)

There are many events going on, to ensure everyone attending will have a 
good time.

The famous Bear Pits will still be on the schedule, as well as youth events, 
including a youth A & S competition and youth activities.  I am lacking a 
youth Boffer Marshall, if anyone knows of one, that can run this for 
Guardian, please let me know.  I am waiting to hear from last year's Bardic 
champion, if anyone knows how to get in touch with her, please let me know.

Feast will be potluck, Lady Janie will have details in the next month for 
this.  Any waterbearing, chirugeon or gate volunteers will need to contact 
the proper coordinators (or wait for their emails sometime in March :):

Waterbearing - Lady Aingeal

Chirugeon -  Lady Genevieve del Gamba

Gate -  Lady Ghislaine

Anyone that would like to donate prizes to the adult prize baskets, or the 
youth baskets, please let me know.

We are having a "Work day" at the site to get it ready for the event.  This 
is scheduled for March 24 - 25.  Arrive at 8:00 am on Saturday to help us 
get ready!!  Anyone staying Saturday night, will get to have cake in 
celebration of my husband's birthday...... birthday spankings encouraged.  
We will be camping on the site that saturday night, I need to know in 
advance if you are going to be there for the day and if you are staying the 

We will also be having a work evening for making site tokens, do not fear, 
we will NOT be pounding lead ball into flat round pieces.  They will be 
leather, with the DFT badge on them.  More details on this will be coming 

Any comments, suggestions, or donations will be greatfully accepted...

I remain In Service,

Elspeth de Stervlen

Turn searches into helpful donations. Make your search count. 

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