[DFT] Dragonsfire-tor Digest, Vol 17, Issue 3

Mark mmurphy at our-town.com
Sat Sep 8 17:04:56 PDT 2007


Sorry if I break protocol here, but to let you know that I am a city
councilman of our berg, DaVille on da Bosque.  If you have any ideas that
might help the group or your families that I can accomplish through city
government, please let me know.  I'm also sorry that I'm not an active
participant in your meetings, but I am a fervent student of genealogy and
medieval history related to my family.  Erin go bragh.

When our kids are both in college I hope to have more time to participate in
the SCA and the local group.

Mark Murphy (Maurice de Morgho)
Stephenville City Council Place 7
mmurphy at our-town.com

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