[DFT] Thanks update

Dana sca004 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 24 07:14:55 PDT 2007

I also received a lot of help from all of the gentlemen of DFT and it was so
very refreshing to see the return of Chivalry, this brought back memories of
long ago...Vivat!!

I must also add, that while the gentlemen of DFT were very helpful and spent
a bunch of their time fetching, toting and just plain workin' hard, they
were also most entertaining. My sides still hurt from laughing at all of the
funny antics and words from them this past weekend. It is just a good thing
no one wrote down the Ruadh Noises!!

The weekend was absolutely wonderful...I made new friends, met up with some
very old friends I hadn't seen in years, spent some very relaxing time with
Shire friends, was delighted and well fed with the impromptu feast that was
provided by the good people in camp, was entertained in camp by the "best"
Bards in Ansteorra and was very privileged to have camped with many helpful
family and friends.


Genevieve del Gamba wrote:
I second this!  Last minute, Lord Ian agreed to come with Caristiona and me
to help tote and haul and set up in exchange for site fee.  He was great!!
Very attentive and I saw him assist many ladies with their things throughout
the day!  It was refreshing to see gentlemen act as gentlemen again.  Thank

Genevieve del Gamba

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