[DFT] pot luck for DFT Yule

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 21 05:57:26 PST 2008

Good day,
Here is what we have so far for pot-luck at DFT Yule December 6th.
I have not heard from The Barony of Elfsea. Is this message getting to you??
Please contact me so I can add to the list.
 Main course Marion and I will bring a boneless spiral ham butt and maybe some garlic bread.
 Gruffydd Mawr ap Rodri (Dad)
Salma (Middle Eastern version of stroganoff, made with Lamb and yogurt) -- HL Saqra
       Salad       Veggies Green Beans - Dana Dunston’s Baked Beans Dunston (of course)     appetizers Ham salad spread w /crackers HL Bicé        deserts Bread pudding Lady Janie DFT  If I have forgotten anything please add it.  If this does not get out to all please forward it to any list you believe it would benefit.We look forward to hearing from you.
Ldy Janie
Dragonsfire Tor
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