[DFT] Elfsea Defenders

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Mon Apr 6 13:48:32 PDT 2009

Greetings from Dáire and Druinne, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea to all good  

We proudly announce that our lysts are complete and we have our Defenders  
for the coming year. Congratulations to Lochlan Dunn, our Chivalric  
Defender, to Dyrkye the Just, our Rapier Defender and to Gavin the Younger,  
our Archery Defender.

We look forward to seeing them represent our fair barony in the future. All  
know that they stand ready to defend these borders.

Each Defender bested worthy contenders and shown themselves well in their  
combat, grace and courtesy.

Special thanks go our to our most noble cousin, Gwenneth, and to young  
Crowley, who did much to delight Druinne with their efforts to kill each  
other with cloaks and daggers.

Also, we must commend the lovely ladies who danced that evening and the  
talented bards who sang us songs and told us stories.

To our event staff and retainers, we send out our gratitude. Without a  
great staff to run an event and without retainers to make us look good, we  
could not have had such a wonderful day.

To those of you who traveled to the event and who stayed the evening to  
enjoy dinner, we hope that you take back with you good memories of the day  
and evening. To those of you who were not there, we missed you and are  
sorry that you missed a great and fun event.

Pray, all know that we remain in faith to our Crown,
Dáire and Druinne

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