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Lady Eithne GrandeDamme FR eithnethehealer at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 29 08:26:28 PDT 2009

Greetings unto the Friends of FalconRose,

FalconRose shares land with the Middle Eastern group, Al Mahala 
We support and encourage participation in their endeavors. Please review 
the missive below, to help them fill their schedule for classes.
Feel free to pass this missive on to any who may be interested.

In Service to the House, the Shire & the Kingdom, and to the Pursuit of True Honor, Lady Eithne ingen meic Cináeda  eithnethehealer at gmail.com
GrandeDamme FalconRose Keep at Loch Callendre, 
Kingdom of Ansteorra, SCA

Gulfwars XIX approaches !  March 14-21, 2010. 
Applications are being accepted for instructors for Gulf Wars Al Mahala classes.  
Strict classroom style format is not required. Show-n-tell, roundtable discussions,                                       and other enjoyable ways of delivering interesting information to the populace are                                     allowed.
Last year featured over 30 different instructors offering a great variety of activities. 

Al Mahala has three classroom tents. One of these is specially prepared and primarily                                 devoted to dance, while our other two classroom tents and our outdoor activity area                                   are available for classes on research, cooking, clothing, language, construction, music                                 and other topics relevant to the Al Mahala regions. 

Regions on-topic within Al Mahala include, but are not limited to: Muslim Spain,                                        Portugal, India, the Levant,  Silk Road, East Asia, Ottoman, Berber, Moorish, and Persian.

For class and scheduling, contact  Zhara: zhara8 at yahoo.com  or for camping                                               and construction queries, contact Mistress Edwina:sue at readitagainbooks.net. 

General information on Gulf Wars, a weeklong event with over 3,000 attendees,                                         can be found at www.gulfwars.org .

Yours in Service,
Zhara um Nikko
Gulf Wars Al Mahala 

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