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I am guessing any time from about 10:00 on should be fine. I think Janie and Scotty are coming over tonight, so it may be basically when everyone gets up and has eaten breakfast lol. Frank is on his way home from Fort Worth, I will check with him when he gets here. If he says any thing different I will email you again. 

We are having hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner so you can bring something to go with a hamburger/hotdog meal or a dessert. Diana just told me she had meant to get Claussen Dill pickles and forgot them. So, if you want to you could bring dill pickles.

If you are here at lunch time you might want to bring something you would want to eat for lunch. I do not know much about the plans for lunch, it may be sandwiches and snack food. I guess kind of like potluck for lunch.

See you tomorrow,

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What time will things kick off tomorrow before populace?  Do we need to bring anything?
I have Ulf's scroll and the token example I did.
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