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Lord Franklin asked me to share the following message with everyone.
Aaliz du Lac

Guardian of the Tor is less than a month away now and things are really coming together.  His Highness Hrafn II, soon to be King, has graciously accepted our invitation and will be attending this years Guardian.Alejandro y Amalia, Baron y Baronesa of Elfsea will also be attending.  All of our last year Champions will be there to help find new champions, Sir Louis le Blaireau, our Chivalric Champion, Lord Ulf Nachdem Tor, our Rapier Champion, HL Ekaterina "Katya" ladorovna Kharlampieva, our Archery Champion, and Lady Lauretta d'Avenporte our Bardic Champion.
This year we sent out invitations to all the Seneschals of the Cantons, Shires, and Baronies of Ansteorra inviting their populace to this event. We want the weekend of May 11th through the 13th to be a very special weekend because this is the weekend that we all honor our Mothers and what better way to show off in front of your Mother is there than hitting others with sticks or poking others with sharp pointy things and becoming one of out new Champions.

I also urge all to attend The Final Court of Their Majesties Aaron IV and Amelot and the Coronation and Premier Court of Their Highnesses Hrafn II and Elizabeta II this weekend, we will be there. For more information please see http://www.amaliascloset.com/SpringCoronation2012/ 

For more information about The Guardian of the Tor please visit our web site at http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org/index.html

Lord Franklin Whitenhale of Cheshire
Event Steward of DFT's Guardian of the Tor XXI 

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