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DFT Yule Thank you
Another Yule Revel has come and gone. We hope that you all
enjoyed the day. As with any event, Yule could not happen without the help of
many. We would like to thank everyone who was instrumental in helping make
Dragonsfire Tor’s Yule Revel such a great success. We would
like to thank Remington, Alric, Franklin, and Eoghan for putting up all the
banners and flags. And a big thank
you to Lady Vivian and her wonderful gate workers for manning the gate for us. Thank
you Baroness Dana, as always there was never a want for coffee or hot water. 
There were
many activities throughout the day. We would like to thank Sir Alejandro for a
very informative Order of Precedence Class and Lord Andreas for manning the
Herald’s Consultation table. Besides all the fun with catapults and crossbows and
the wonderful music, thank you Padraig and the others who sang and played music,
we also had great competitions. We have a new A&S champion, Lady Caitrina
inghean Mhurchadha. Loch Ruadh’s new Bard is Lady Sorchia McCullogh. Vivat to
both of these talented ladies. 
Lord Franklin and Lady Diana did a wonderful job of running
the fundraiser again this year.  And a
special thank you to everyone who so graciously donated items to the fundraiser.
It is always amazing what comes in. A number of new people won garb and all
kinds of fun stuff.

The feast was excellent. Thank you to everyone for bringing
food for the potluck. It was definitely a bountiful feast and was well enjoyed
by all. We would like to thank Lady Diana for organizing the food tables.  

Thank you to everyone for jumping in after the event and
cleaning up the hall. And we must not forget to thank those who came back
Sunday morning to help us finish cleaning; Diana, Heather, Lauretta, Franklin,
and Eoghan.

We would be remiss if we failed to thank our Baron and
Baroness for all of the support and help they give us. It seems they brought a
dragon with them. With the arrows they also provided we should be able to feed
our Canton for some time. We would also like to thank HL Elspeth and Don
Sebastian for their help with these donations from Elfsea to the canton’s
archery program.

Please forgive us if we have forgotten anyone. We enjoyed
being your event stewards and hope to see you all next year. 
Your DFT
Yule Stewarts
Lady Aaliz and Lady Janie

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