ES - Feast

Karie Mitchell allessandre at
Mon May 4 09:22:37 PDT 1998

>I just want to say that I've been in the SCA since Pennsic IV, and I 
>have very seldom had a feast that was so delicious, so timely, and so 
>well served.  I and my stomach would like to thank Mistress Reginlief 
>and her staff for being so dedicated, so talented, and so hard 
>Mistress Jeanmaire

I agree!  Even though I was supposed to be "second-in-command", I rarely 
had anything to do.  Everyone was so helpful.  I was glad to do what I 
could.  Reginlief, my hat's off for such a great feast. Even my husband 
(Mr.Meat'n'Potatoes) ate most the feast!  He liked hummas!  Yeah!



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