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Time is 7:30 PM (1930 for the military among us).  I have a cat, but he is
an outdoor cat.  Most of my lower floor is tile and
a quick vacuum and mop will probably eliminate traces of the cat.  No one
smokes in my house.  If we have smokers, they
congregate around the back yard away from the house.  I am fairly allergic
to cigarette smoke.  The hot tub is close to the
house and should be safe.

Sorry the time was not mentioned.  It is the default time for Elfsea events
I think.

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    Arabella & Caelin:

    No one has mentioned a day or time for this meeting.  I'd kinda like to
know.  Also, Caelin, are there cats or cigarette smokers present in your
house?  Do the smokers tend to congregate around the hot tub?

    Thanks for the info,

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