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Tue May 5 02:34:14 PDT 1998

Jan Nowlan wrote:
> This weekend's feast was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!  I had a first time visitor
> and his family of four, myself and daughter.  There was something for each of
> their tastes.   & the Lamb was to die for....(and I did quite a few times
> earlier that day.)  They were so impressed, and are asking if there will be
> feast at the next event!!!!
> "Thank You!"  to Mistress Reginlief and all that help in her kitchens.
> Muirgein
> I just want to say that I've been in the SCA since Pennsic IV, and I have very
> seldom had a feast that was so delicious, so timely, and so well served.  I and
> my stomach would like to thank Mistress Reginlief and her staff for being so
> dedicated, so talented, and so hard working.
>                                                             Vivant!
>                                                             Mistress Jeanmaire
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My lady and I will loudly add our voices to those praising the feast. 
In fact, two relative newcommers were sitting with us and they kept
asking "When is this going to end?" because they stuffed themselves at
the beginning.  Mistress Reginlief, you deserve all the kudos you get
for one of the best feasts we have attended in a LONG time.
Spence Mabry
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