ES - Three Bridges has new officers

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Tue May 5 11:15:16 PDT 1998

This was sent to me, and I am forwarding it to the list, as I
believe it to be of general interest and widespread use.

- Galen

> Though I believe everyone recieving this was at the meeting, once again
> your new officers are :
> Seneschal                        Nancy Chevalier   nmc8278 at
> Deputy Seneschal                 Craig Shupee      philipwhite at
> Exchequer                        Karie Mitchell    allessandre at
> Herald                           Larry Sayers      lsayers at
> Hospitaler                       Robin Stafford    robin at
> Minister of Arts & Sciences      Tim Rayburn       gisben at
> All votes were 7 votes for, 2 abstains, 0 votes against.
> Now, let's all work to make the College of the Three Bridges the 'rising
> star' of Elfsea!
> Timothy of Glastonbury
> mka Tim Rayburn
> gisben at
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