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Wed May 6 08:46:32 PDT 1998

I would much appreciate if someone would please resend the map w/ a contact #
for this Friday evening's get together.
Thank you.

muirgein_fe at
nowlanj at

owner-elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG on 05/05/98 08:03:07 PM
Please respond to elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
To: Elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
Subject: ES - Baronial Camp @WarLord

OPPS - I was really tired when I wrote that stuff eariler!!!!

OK The planning meeting for our Baronial Camp at War Lord is at Caelin's
on Friday May 8th at the usual sca time of 7:30p.m.  We will all be
eating at this meeting so bring something to share while we are talking
about food.  Please contact Caelin and let him know what you want to
bring so we will not have duplications.

As my portion I will be bringing plates, eating utencils, plastic
drinking cups and napkins so Caelin doesn't have to do dishes.  Caelin
let me know if that is okay, I can always change my offer.

Also if you cannot make the meeting and wish to participate, let me know
what meal you want to prepare and we'll work with ya.

see most of you on thursday


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