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margiejr margiejr at
Thu May 7 11:41:16 PDT 1998

Ok You exit on 30 west as soon as your on 30 thier will be an exit emidlty
to your right take it.I think it's either Jones or Commerce. Take Lancaster
west to thockmortan you should be traveling west paralle to the interstate
you just got off. at thoacmortan amke a U turn Under the Highway to
Lancaster going east Bound
When you get to the Union railroad Building. The Last Big Building on your
right before reaching  35 again turn into the Parking lot. Moot is there
just beyond the doors in the middle of the building.

If you miss the exit and wind up On I 30 traveling over the bulk of down
town Just exit on the first exit  you can and travel east douwn the access
road which should be lancaster.

If you need to call me 817-535-1262

Lady Simone

I need directions to Elfsea's Moot tonight. I am coming down 35-W
from north of Ft. Worth.

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