ES - Re: ES House Warming Party

margiejr margiejr at
Thu May 7 12:11:12 PDT 1998

Galen Thanks for the Good advice

Due to the Scottich festivasl Galen did a wonderful Job Discribing Bellow
The House Warming Party will b e Moved to  Saterday June 13th at about 2 ish

Lady Simone

>June 5-7 is the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games at
>UTA Maverick Stadium, where we have our biggest annual demo.
>Easily half a dozen or more of the subscribers to this list
>joined at the Scottish Festival last year, and it's a really
>fun time.  I hope you'll move your party back a week, so the
>many of us who'll be needed for the demo can also help you
>celebrate your new home.
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