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Thu May 7 12:57:28 PDT 1998

Paul Mitchell wrote:
> Jan Nowlan wrote:
> >
> > Greetings,
> >
> > As well...
> >  I am in need of directions to this Friday's Pot Luck at Caelin's home.  If
> > someone should have an email address or a contact #  I would certainaly
> > appreciate it as I may need to know what to bring for food.
> >
> I also need these directions.

I got these from the list archive:

>    Since we will be discussing eating together, it is appropriate to
>have a meal together. Caelin will be adding to this posting as to what
>he wants us to bring for dinner. And directions to his house.  If you
>have any questions please call me.

1.      Directions to my house.
        My home is about 3/4 of a mile north of I30 off Davis at 2220
Patterson Pl.
        Find your way to I30 and Fielder (just north and east of Randol
Mill Park
        where we have fighter practice).  Go north to Lamar Blvd and
turn right
        At the next light (Davis) turn left (north).  Take the second
possible left
        (east) onto Rocky Canyon.  The next right is Patterson Pl.  It
is a
cul-de-sac and
        we are at the end of the street.  Park where you can.

             Patterson Pl
                      |      | Rocky Canyon
                             | D
                             | a
                             | v                Not to scale!
 Fielder                     | i
     |      Lamar            | s
     |                       |
     |              I30

2.      I will furnish a couple of meat dishes - probably a chicken and
a beef
once I get a
        count.  If you need something special for your diet, call me or
bring it.
We will
        need several kinds of vegetables (potatoes, string beans, etc.),
maybe a soup,
        deserts, etc.  Make enough to share.  I will be glad to keep
track of what
        wants to bring to prevent 7 dishes of deviled eggs or take your
We will
        not have a good count until after moot, but I will publish a
guess here
after moot.
        I have little in the way of wine, beer, or other alcoholic
drinks, but have
no problem
        with anyone bringing such to share.

3.      Hot tub will be available.  It normally seats 6-8, but more are
if they are
        very friendly.  Bring suit or shorts or whatever and a towel (if
you have
your towel,
        the world is a wonderful place - see the Hitchhikers Guide to
Universe).  I have no
        problems with nude tubbing, but others might and we don't want
to make

4.      Kids are welcome, but mine are 15 and 18 so the house is no
longer "child
        Vigilance may be required.  The back yard is large and mostly
fenced in.
        are welcome to play there until it gets too dark/cold/whatever. 
We do not
        playthings appropriate for younger kids anymore, so bring
whatever you

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