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Spence Mabry smabry at
Thu May 7 15:31:07 PDT 1998

I and my lady second Sir Galen's desire that you move the party back a
week so that we all can attend.  The |Scottish Highland Games are one
time when we can show more mundanes what we are about that at any other
time throughout the year.  Let's keep it that way.

Lord Ceatta o'Gulcleth
Lady Robin de Shealladh

Paul Mitchell wrote:
> Galen here!
> margiejr wrote:
> >
> > Hello and greetings everyone.  This is Simone.
> >
> >  Finaly The Boxes are all unpacked and my house Looks like a home.
> >
> > To celibrate this I would Like to Invite you all to A house Warming Party on
> > June  6th Starting around 2ish In the Afternoon. The address is 3317
> > Littlejohn Ave About 1 mile south of texas Weslian off of Bishop street,
> > between Berry and Rosedale in Fort Worth.
> >
> > Phone  817-535-1262
> <snip>
> Simone, This sounds like a great party, and I really want to come,
> but...
> June 5-7 is the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games at
> UTA Maverick Stadium, where we have our biggest annual demo.
> Easily half a dozen or more of the subscribers to this list
> joined at the Scottish Festival last year, and it's a really
> fun time.  I hope you'll move your party back a week, so the
> many of us who'll be needed for the demo can also help you
> celebrate your new home.
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