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margiejr margiejr at
Thu May 7 16:21:24 PDT 1998

Done the house warming paety is now a week later on june 13th at 2pm

>I and my lady second Sir Galen's desire that you move the party back a
>week so that we all can attend.  The |Scottish Highland Games are one
>time when we can show more mundanes what we are about that at any other
>time throughout the year.  Let's keep it that way.
>Lord Ceatta o'Gulcleth
>Lady Robin de Shealladh
>Paul Mitchell wrote:
>> Galen here!
>> margiejr wrote:
>> >
>> > Hello and greetings everyone.  This is Simone.
>> >
>> >  Finaly The Boxes are all unpacked and my house Looks like a home.
>> >
>> > To celibrate this I would Like to Invite you all to A house Warming
Party on
>> > June  6th Starting around 2ish In the Afternoon. The address is 3317
>> > Littlejohn Ave About 1 mile south of texas Weslian off of Bishop
>> > between Berry and Rosedale in Fort Worth.
>> >
>> > Phone  817-535-1262
>> <snip>
>> Simone, This sounds like a great party, and I really want to come,
>> but...
>> June 5-7 is the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games at
>> UTA Maverick Stadium, where we have our biggest annual demo.
>> Easily half a dozen or more of the subscribers to this list
>> joined at the Scottish Festival last year, and it's a really
>> fun time.  I hope you'll move your party back a week, so the
>> many of us who'll be needed for the demo can also help you
>> celebrate your new home.
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