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Fri May 8 05:42:04 PDT 1998

To the coordinator(s) of the Baronial Food Thing at Steppes Warlord (whomever you may be):

Axel & I decided not to go crazy trying to attend the meeting tonight, but we would like to be "in" on this.  I have told this to a few people, including Llewelyn, but I thought it would have a better chance of reaching everyone who needs to know if I posted it on the Net.  As I do not do well with hot weather, cold weather, the allergens that are endemic to camp sites, the distractions of my very active child, and camping in general, I would like my contribution to be of the "make it ahead of time" sort.  So I volunteer to make as many Quiches as you think would be a fair share for my family to contribute, and they can be eaten cold for whatever meal seems appropriate.  Llewelyn suggested that they would make a fine breakfast some day.  (I rather agree with that.)  I can also make them with various fillings to work around people's likes, dislikes, food allergies & whatever.

Alternately, if this is deemed preferable, I can bring large quantities of my home made spaghetti sauce.

I also want to note that my family's idea of breakfast consists of something to drink and maybe a pop-tart.  So unless breakfast is done later in the morning - more along the lines of brunch - we won't be having more than coffee (tea for me, thank you) and a nibble.  

Additionally, we have already made plans to camp with Rondinella, who will be in the merchant area.  I have e-mailed her about the food thing, but have not received a response.  So she may or may not be doing this with us.  Arabella said it was OK for her & her husband to join in.  I will let everyone know as soon as I hear from her.

That's all for now.
In Service,

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