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Donald Riney dariusobells at
Fri May 8 09:40:31 PDT 1998

Well it's 11:22 and already I'v had a pretty good response to the 
herldry day, so good in fact I'm giving it a Name "The Elfsea Heraldic 
Academy" I am currently looking at two dates for this to occur, The 13th 
of june (which is the same as Simones Party, Hmm... Academy then hit 
party have big fun???)
and the 27th of June which is counter to Lindenwood's Midsummer Ball, 
and Academy of the Rapier. Let me Know Which one suits you the best. 
Also a heraldry page should be up some time next week with the forms on 
it. I will forward the Address when it's done.The classes I would like 
to see at the Academy include:Vocal Heraldry, Illumination, Some form of 
Making Regalia, Heraldic displays, and a heraldry 101 just befor the 
consult table opens. Please let me Know If any can help with these 
things, Including the consult table.
In Service
Darius Ld Nautilas

>I would love to attend a heraldry class. Count me in, but could you 
>make the forms available electronically?
>*Cant wait to come home*
>> From: Conor na Mara <cnamara at>
>> To: elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
>> Subject: Re: ES - Haraldry And consults
>> Date: Friday, May 08, 1998 11:07 AM
>> I'd love to attend something like that.  Count me in too.       
>> don&monica wrote:
>> > I want to Know what kind of intrest we have in having an all day
>> > consultation and regalia meeting  one saturday in june. I know many
>> > people are waiting on me to do names and devices, This would 
>> > that, as well as supplying the kingdom with some much needed 
>> > a conversation with her Majesty, Rosalia was given to understand 
>> > the Kingdom needs Thistles, comets, cranes, Etc, Ad Infinitum. I 
>> > like to possibly have some classes on arts that are used to easily
>> > produce these things. with enouugh intrest I will work on finding a
>> > small hall, and have a heraldry Revel of sorts, classes, consults 
and a
>> > real good time Please respond if you would be interested or would 
>> > to teach at something like this.
>> > Darius
>> >
>> >
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