ES - Heraldry And consults

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Fri May 8 09:56:17 PDT 1998

I have a scanned-in image of the name and device forms.  I 
used them to submit my personal entries.  Just pop them up 
in Corel or your favorite graphics editor and type over the 
boxes (in an appropriate font size).  Then paste a copy of 
your device in the square and you have it.

I would be glad to send them to anyone.  Tell me what 
graphics format you need.  I would like a Word form, but 
have not taken time to create one.

BTW, Laurel and the BOD have created a new "standard" set 
of forms across all kingdoms that should be out "soon".  
There will be minor customizations in most kingdoms of 
areas that are set aside for such, but the form will be 
mostly standard.  Probably ought to wait before building 
the Word version.


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> I would love to attend a heraldry class. Count me in, but could you also
> make the forms available electronically?
> Viviane
> Cant wait to come home

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