ES - Haraldry And consults

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Fri May 8 11:04:56 PDT 1998

windell gibson wrote:
> I am interested in getting my hearldry, I don't think I spelled that
> right.  I have sat as a Princess and still don't have a device.  I had
> it drawn up one time but that got lost.  If you could help me I would
> appreciate it.  My name is Viscountess Kate Lady to my husband and
> Viscount Hightower.  Let me know if this works out.
> Draeco at Howard)
> Thank you,
> Barb

Your Excellency, I'd be happy to help you design arms, and
I'm sure Darius would be happy to help with submitting them
for registration.  Might you come to this gathering we're
discussing?  Elsewise, perhaps we can find another occasion
to get together.

- Galen
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