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G.R.Rhine StoneCircle at
Fri May 8 09:01:34 PDT 1998

> I want to Know what kind of intrest we have in having an all day
> consultation and regalia meeting  one saturday in june. I know many
> people are waiting on me to do names and devices, This would accomplish
> that, as well as supplying the kingdom with some much needed regaila. In
> a conversation with her Majesty, Rosalia was given to understand that
> the Kingdom needs Thistles, comets, cranes, Etc, Ad Infinitum. I would
> like to possibly have some classes on arts that are used to easily
> produce these things. with enouugh intrest I will work on finding a
> small hall, and have a heraldry Revel of sorts, classes, consults and a
> real good time Please respond if you would be interested or would like
> to teach at something like this.
> Darius


    I know I would be most interested, and I am sure there are others 
in the Incipient Canton of Glaslyn that would be as well. Let us 

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