ES - elfsea heraldic academy

Donald Riney dariusobells at
Sat May 9 07:16:38 PDT 1998

I am going to try to have this running from 8:00 Am (7:30 AM set up)
to 4:00 PM or so, with an after revel crashing Ly Simones House warming. 
Timothy of Glastonbury is currently checking on the possibility of a 
hall at UTA for me.
More as I Know it. And thankyou, truely great things can happen when a 
group pulls together!
In Service 
Ld Darius of the Bells, Nautilas
>We now know when but where and at what time?  I've never witnessed this
>kind of working together.  You have put an event together in one day. 
>Unbelievable.   Good job.  bye, Barb
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