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Todd Marsh wrote:
> Darius,
> How about June 13th in the morning?  That way people can go to Simone's party in the afternoon.  I'll be at Academy of the Rapier on the 27th.
> Llywelyn
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> Well it's 11:22 and already I'v had a pretty good response to the
> herldry day, so good in fact I'm giving it a Name "The Elfsea Heraldic
> Academy" I am currently looking at two dates for this to occur, The 13th
> of june (which is the same as Simones Party, Hmm... Academy then hit
> party have big fun???)
> and the 27th of June which is counter to Lindenwood's Midsummer Ball,
> and Academy of the Rapier. Let me Know Which one suits you the best.
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