ES - elfsea heraldic academy

margiejr margiejr at
Sat May 9 18:55:30 PDT 1998

>I am going to try to have this running from 8:00 Am (7:30 AM set up)
>to 4:00 PM or so, with an after revel crashing Ly Simones House warming.
>Timothy of Glastonbury is currently checking on the possibility of a
>hall at UTA for me.

It won't be crashing the Party It will be adding to it. If you don't get the
hall let me know we can do it here.. For all those comming over to my place
after the Heraldic acadamy. Pot luck food starts at  6pm. Talked with the
Nighbors and thier cool  with the late night drumming and revelry.

Lady Simone

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