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Sharon R. Saroff sindara at
Sun May 10 21:25:35 PDT 1998

When I lived in the East Kingdom I had the wonderful opportunity to see the
MET's collection of Persian miniatures. They had a book of those miniatures
which I have in my home library. I also have 3 books from Uzbeckistan that
have Persian, Indian and some other middle eastern miniatures. If anyone
would like to see these books, give me a call. You can come over to the


At 10:09 PM 5/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Well I drove to Austin today and looked at the miniature Persian
>illuminations.  Today was the last day for the exhibit.
>There were only about 4 or 5 were from Persia while about 4 were from
>Iran and 3 from India.  All were late 1500 to mid 1600.  For what they
>had showed fantastic workmanship and detailed illumination. I liked the
>Persian best and I wish there was more of it there to see.  All in all,
>it as a very small show.  I would have been very disappointed driving 3
>hours from Dallas as opposed to an hour and a half from San Antonio.
>Daniel of Cameron
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