ES - Viscount Ivan Hightower

Arabella de Montacute ladyarabella at
Mon May 11 21:13:32 PDT 1998

Hengist Dear Brother,
     I know Hightower's phone number is in last month's, April Scroll, 
and the previous scroll, March, in the AD for his tourney.  Just a 
suggestion.  Love You.


>My good lord,
>   I hope this message reaches you. I have the keeper prize in from 
>Fire Tor, and would like to get it to you. I can't seem to find your 
>number. Mine is 817 472 5275. If you would like to call and set up a 
>as to win i may deliver it to you or if you would like to come out this
>weekend to my tourney i will present it to you. I am sorry it has taken 
>long i completly blame "GOLDEN AGE PRODUCTIONS" . But now it is in and 
>belongs to you. 
>Hengist Redhand
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