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Sharon vivaine at
Tue May 12 06:43:11 PDT 1998

I have returned from New York.  I was able to meet a former Knight Marshal
and one of the recently retired BOD members.

I am still jet-lagged, but had a wonderful time. I was greeted warmly and
told many stories about the east and fighting there.  There differences are

For those of you find this boring, nows the time to change the channel!

As for you fighters interested in other lands, I found it very interesting
to discover that the East claims to be of very heavy calibrated hitters,
and in such, wear much more mandatory armor than we do here in Ansteorra.
They have to wear leg armor as well as chest and shoulder.  If i understood
correctly, there are several authorizations for heavy weapons, but if you
authorize in one, you are able to fight the others. However, it is very
uncommon for Knights to be proficient in anything other than sword and
board, and they teach primarily that style. Sheilds are mainly heaters.  I
was told of a very cool way to make a wooden/canvas shield, but asked not
to publish it, due to Eric, the man I met, wanting to publish this on his
own.  However, I can bring the knowledge with me, and making one does
require alot of work.

I related stories of how A&S is very important and well participated in
Ansteorra, as well as the belted circle encouraging and participating in
other areas aside from fighting.   I showed him some pictures of local
tournaments and wars. He hopes to attend Gulf War and very much wants to
come fight in Texas.  In fact, he had nothing but good things to say about
Ansteorra!!  Of course, I had to brag I exist in one of the best baronies
in the kindgom...but well ok im a leeetle biased!

My job is done hehe.

Until next time...

Vivaine on journy...
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