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Tue May 12 06:52:50 PDT 1998

I just read what i wrote. I want to clarify...the knights in the East do
fight other weapons styles, however, they mainly focus on sword and board,
and deem that as the criteria for becoming a proficient fighter.

I hope i have not offended anyone!

Viv--back to work!

> From: Sharon <vivaine at>
> To: elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
> Subject: ES - Travels in the East Kingdom
> Date: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 8:43 AM
> I have returned from New York.  I was able to meet a former Knight
> and one of the recently retired BOD members.
> I am still jet-lagged, but had a wonderful time. I was greeted warmly and
> told many stories about the east and fighting there.  There differences
> notable!
> For those of you find this boring, nows the time to change the channel!
> As for you fighters interested in other lands, I found it very
> to discover that the East claims to be of very heavy calibrated hitters,
> and in such, wear much more mandatory armor than we do here in Ansteorra.
> They have to wear leg armor as well as chest and shoulder.  If i
> correctly, there are several authorizations for heavy weapons, but if you
> authorize in one, you are able to fight the others. However, it is very
> uncommon for Knights to be proficient in anything other than sword and
> board, and they teach primarily that style. Sheilds are mainly heaters. 
> was told of a very cool way to make a wooden/canvas shield, but asked not
> to publish it, due to Eric, the man I met, wanting to publish this on his
> own.  However, I can bring the knowledge with me, and making one does
> require alot of work.
> I related stories of how A&S is very important and well participated in
> Ansteorra, as well as the belted circle encouraging and participating in
> other areas aside from fighting.   I showed him some pictures of local
> tournaments and wars. He hopes to attend Gulf War and very much wants to
> come fight in Texas.  In fact, he had nothing but good things to say
> Ansteorra!!  Of course, I had to brag I exist in one of the best baronies
> in the kindgom...but well ok im a leeetle biased!
> My job is done hehe.
> Until next time...
> Vivaine on journy...

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