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On May 12,  8:43am, Sharon wrote:
> As for you fighters interested in other lands, I found it very interesting
> to discover that the East claims to be of very heavy calibrated hitters,
	The term is Rhinos.  When I first came down from the East, I found the
killing blow to be a third less in Star Gate than it was in Dragon Ship Haven
(Southern CT).
	It comes from no really hot weather, a VERY timid marshallate, and the
fact that at least 2 Dukes who shall remain name less got there by being numb.
so there are a lot of people who think that is how it's done.
> and in such, wear much more mandatory armor than we do here in Ansteorra.
> They have to wear leg armor as well as chest and shoulder.  If i understood
> correctly, there are several authorizations for heavy weapons, but if you
> authorize in one, you are able to fight the others. However, it is very
	You need to authorize separately, but if you authorize in W&S,
authorizing in a second form is pretty easy, they just make sure you don't pile
drive people, etc.
	The Armor when I was last there was: Head, elbows, knees, throat,
kidney belt to Xyphoiod Process, legs (had to be something, though light
leather was ok), collar bone, shoulder points, and full spine (since dropped).
	Forearm protection was added about 6 months after I left.  About a
people from New Jersey had stress fractures of their forearms.  This of course
means that they took lots of REALLY HARD blows to their forearm (hanging
guard), and didn't call them (or they would have changed their form, heavy
hanging guard).
	And people wonder why I say that I prefer fighting in Ansteorra.  ;)
> uncommon for Knights to be proficient in anything other than sword and
> board, and they teach primarily that style. Sheilds are mainly heaters.  I
	Where were you in the East?  My experience (The New England Area) was
that there are a lot more people who fight different forms there than here
(particularly Florentine).
	I found a lot more of the, "I want to finish with Sword and shield and
go onto XXX " attitude than they do here.
> was told of a very cool way to make a wooden/canvas shield, but asked not
> to publish it, due to Eric, the man I met, wanting to publish this on his
> own.  However, I can bring the knowledge with me, and making one does
> require alot of work.
	Would this work with leather?  I know of some people who made
wood-framed rawhide shields.  They are very light, and the leather (though not
the wood frame) last a very long time.
> I related stories of how A&S is very important and well participated in
> Ansteorra, as well as the belted circle encouraging and participating in
> other areas aside from fighting.   I showed him some pictures of local
	The east also has way to many fighters (and chivalry for that matter)
who are just stick jocks.
	Be glad you live in Ansteorra.


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