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On May 12,  9:59am, Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes wrote:
> Kingdoms.  The rule there is that you must authorize in sword and shield
> FIRST, before authorizing in any other weapons form.  The single
> exception to this is spear - you may authorize in spear without being
> authorized in sword & board - this exception being made for those who wished
> to fight spear at the Pennsic War only.  After authorizing sword & board,
> you are then required to authorize in any other weapons form (great sword,
> two sword, etc.) before being allowed to fight it in the list.  Once a
> fighter is Knighted, that fighter is then considered to be authorized in all
> weapons forms even if no separate authorization bout has been performed.

> It was a bit of a surprise to Axel to find that all fighters are treated
> like Knights in Ansteorra.  It must save a lot of work for the paper pusher
> types.
	It's not a paper pusher thing.  In Ansteorra, more credit is given to
the good sense of fighters (Ansteorran fighters do have better sense), and to
the watchful eye of the marshallate.
	If someone were pile driving with a pole arm in the East, the marshall
would be unlikely to do anything until it got really bad, if at all.
	I know someone in the East who almost lost his marshall's warrant
because he refused to allow a fighter on the field with illegal armor.  It
turned out that this person had some pull with politically connected friends.
 That kind of bovine scatology is one of the East's problems.

---END OF RANT-- (for now)

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