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Jan Nowlan muirgein_fe at
Wed May 13 12:46:34 PDT 1998

Oh Mighty & Great Hengist...  :)

Just curious, Now that you are Knight's Marshall have you knowledge of
anyone with sword hilts or baskets and or shiels baskets for sale?  
Hopefully someone would have these things available during one of these 
nights at Fighter Practice.  Is this something you may be able to 
arrange?   PLEASE?!  Let me know as to pass along the info.

Thanks in advance,

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Mighty Hengist

I will happily join your tournament, but this time, I would like to
volunteer as List Mistress.  


> From: THE MIGHTY HENGIST <hengist at>
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> Subject: ES - Sunday, Sunday, Sunday 
> Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 9:49 PM
> Well Everyone,
>     My little Tournie is upon us this SUNDAY MAY 17TH. I would like to
> invite each and everyone to this little event. I would like everyone, 
> even fighters, to please come out. I could be wrong but i believe i 
> attempt to entertain even the most difficult. 
>     On to the fighters. Ok peoples, first we need the little rules to 
> game. Yes Sir Axel everyone needs some kind of rules. 
>     Rule #1 two hour bear pit.
>     Rule #2 no shields, I will allow madu's cause they are offencive.
>     Rule #3 no weapon over seven feet.
>     Rule #4 you may hold the field for three wins the must step down 
> the next
>                                   two fighters. ( you can return as 
> times as you wish. )                         
>  The 1st place prize is a live steel battle axe.
>  The time for our little play time is 2:00 Sunday.
>  The place is Randol Mill Park.
>  Directions to the fight, Go to Randol Mill Park. Yes Sir Axel i can
> it can you?
> I hope to see everyone out there.              
>   Hengist Redhand

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