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Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Wed May 13 15:02:05 PDT 1998

If you ask me, Jeanmaire, I will take that one
off for free, without promise of any other
replacement (I may raid your website for a 
couple of shots of you guys, anyway).  I'm
just posting what I have.  I'm glad you were
pleased about the one of Diane; I didn't ID her
any closer than a first name because I didn't
want you to have visitors looking for her 
from her website picture.  I usually have no
fear of Internet weirdos, but I didn't feel
free to be so cavalier with others' children.

Let me know if you'd like that shot of you

- Galen

Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes wrote:
> Galen:
> One of your "hits" on the web site was me checking out the photo of me
> that Axel had warned me was there.  If I can have a better shot taken
> of me with Zara Zina, will you promise to take that one off?  Not only
> am I not photogenic, but you couldn't have chosen a worse time to take
> a picture.  I was running a fever of 102 at the time and had just had
> a nice cry on Vicki's shoulder.  For once, I actually felt as bad as I
> looked.
> On the other hand, Diane just LOVED  seeing herself on the website.
> Thanks for including her.  If you ever want more cute pictures of her
> at events, just ask and this proud parent will gladly e-mail you a
> couple of dozen.
> By the way, keep up the good work.  The website as a whole is just
> great.
> Jeanmaire
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