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Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Wed May 13 15:22:00 PDT 1998

Sharon wrote:
> Being out of town, i find my life has gone to chaos.
> I cant find my scroll, So, does anyone know if we are to pre-register for
> Warlord and does anyone have any directions??!?
> The Begging Viv

The following was posted to the Central Region list by the 
reservation autocrat for Steppes Warlord, Lady Tiernan
<speckld at>.  She's at:  Sarah Peck, 8036 Deer Trail,
Dallas 75238.

It's not too late, but almost!

- Galen


It has just been pointed out to me that the ad in the May Black Star and
the ad in the April, and probably May, SteppesLetter have a typo.  My
address was typed incorrectly. The correct address is 8036 Deer Trail,
Dallas 75238, not 8026.                               ^^^^

If you have sent in a reservation and have not received the pre-event
booklet, then your check most likely went astray.  

Because of this, I will extend the deadline for reservations to 15 May
but you must include an email address.  I will confirm receipt of
reservation by email >>only<< after 8 May. Your pre-event booklet will
be included with your gate packet so you'll still receive the fabulous
coupons our merchants have included.

Sorry for the mix-up.

Tiernan, the now bald reservation-o-crat
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