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Sue Dittrich dittrich at
Thu May 14 20:27:04 PDT 1998

Galen and friends--

    You know, I have been thinking about this same phenomena.  I know that I
haven't made it to many events since I started dental school last fall, but I
have noticed some things at the few events I have been at that bothers me a
little bit.  Many of you know me who are on this list, and they know that I am
fairly new to Elfsea (1 1/2 years).  But I have noticed at events lately that
people don't seem to want to walk up to people they don't know or who are
newcomers and say hello.  I know I have been guilty of this sometimes, but I
would hope that it is not just the hospitaler's job to welcome people to this
game.  Not everyone who shows an interest in the SCA has a personality like me,
who will walk up to people and talk to them whether it's her first event or her
20th.  I have admired Mara's ideas of sponsoring of newcomers, but I would
really hope that more members of our Barony could walk up to someone who is
unfamilar and find out where they're from and what drew them to this event.  You
might meet the King of another Kingdom, or the person who in 5 years will be
your own King.  I have watched a person very close to me get disgruntled with
the SCA because very few people ever even came to him to say "Hi," let alone
invite him to their camp.  He is a very talented archer, knife thrower, leather
worker, and is a gentleman.  And he has told me he will never return to an SCA
event.  I'm not trying to get on a soapbox here, and I'm not trying to trash our
Barony.  All I'm asking is for each of you to approach someone who looks lost,
or whom you have never met and introduce yourself and welcome them to whatever
you are doing.  Make it your business to never meet a stranger at an event.
It's something my future father-in-law has taught me.  He never meets a
stranger, and can honestly wave at just about anyone in his hometown and say
their name.  Can you do that?

Just my two cents worth.

In service,

Lady Genevieve de la Gamba
Matron, House Silver Moon

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