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Thu May 14 22:26:05 PDT 1998

Some of you know me some don't.  I played in Elfsea LOOOOOOOOOng ago.  I have
always come home to play since moving.  I was once the Hospitaller for Elfsea.
First I want to say Springfair was  wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It reminded me of
events of the past that I still remember. 

I only had one complaint.  I saw two couples (mundane) looking around and none
approached them.  They had questions that needed to be ans.  It is very poor
public relations not to approach them and help them.  If they are not familiar
with SCA you leave them to their imagination.  That could be good or bad.
Once a Hospitaller always a Hospitaller.  I went up and talked to them.  I
answered their questions. 

Let me clarify one point.  I have not lived in Elfsea in 7yrs.  I mean I am
out of kingdom.

Elfsea has grown and become a wonder place.  But we still need to all be
Hospitaller.  I would hate for other people to think of Elfsea the way I do of
the places I have lived that had SCA.  I send out the challenge that you all
start to jump up and help others and be Hospitallers.  If you remember back to
when you joined wasn't someone around to help you feel more comfortable?

I hope this honest replay will be taken with a positive note to help us
In Service to the Dream
Ly Maili Donnel MacGregor  
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