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Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Sun May 17 21:41:21 PDT 1998

House Connections wrote:
> I have some fabric given to me by my father, also an SCA member, as a
> gesture of welcome to his "household". I have enough for a tunic for
> one or the other of my kids, but not both. I thought maybe a baldric
> for each. Is there any significance to baldrics on smalls in the SCA?
> Kiriandra

To my knowledge, the only significance attached to baldrics 
that a white baldric is the regalia of a Master of Arms
(which is one of the two Orders that make up the Chivalry
of the SCA, the other Order being Knighthood), so you'd
want to avoid _white_ baldrics on your children.  Not
they'd be likely to _stay_ white, anyway.  The only other
"official" uses of baldrics I've seen usually involved
using them to display various badges; then it's the badges,
not the baldrics themselves, that carry significance.

Good luck!

- Galen
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