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Hear ye!  Hear ye!!

With the kind assistance of Lady Dierdre, I have totally cleaned out my sewing room.  You can imagine that after five (5) years, I had accumulated a bunch 'o stuff.  I have 3 1/2 bags full to GIVE AWAY.  They are mostly small pieces of fabric (any quilters out there?) but there's also a whole bag of abandoned projects.  I will have all of it at the Clothiers' Guild meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday) at Arabella's.  Anything that is not scarfed up will be thrown away!  Come get your free stuff!

Now for the business portion of my posting:
    The topic for this Guild Meeting (apart from the usual gossip, that is) is Care & Feeding of your sewing machine.  Please bring your machine and the booklet that came with it.  I will provide all other materials.  I will show you how to clean and oil it and make minor adjustments (like to tension, etc.).  Knowing how to do this will keep your machine running for years longer and with fewer trips to the repair shop.  

In Service,

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