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Mon May 18 18:43:12 PDT 1998


 My point is, though, that I think the mentor for
>newbies idea is *OUTSTANDING*!!!  I wish I'd had a mentor to follow around,
>someone to answer all of my questions.  "What does that crown mean?"  "Why
>are they bowing to that guy?"  "What do you call that?!?"  Newbies have a
>*LOT* of questions, and the shy newbies often don't get any answers --
>because they aren't going to approach *you*!
>Yours in service,
>Gwennydd of Dovey

I Love he Idea of Sheparding new commers. Proboly because it is somnething I
have always done. For me when I bring a newcommer to an event, I make thier
Garb, go over SCA manners and forms of curtisy, explain th rank and keep
them in tow for a few events untill they  feel comfortable ventering forth
on thier own. I do this because it was done for me. and I hope that those I
shepard in will do it for the ones they too one day my introduce to the
socity. I get such a kick out of, and such a sence of pride when I see them
grow and asdvance in the Socity

Lady Simone

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