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Wed May 20 16:47:41 PDT 1998

Lavina wrote:
>I just wanted to thank you for an excellent "bring your sewing machine and
>let me show you how to tear it apart and clean it" workshop.  I really
>learned alot about my sewing machine.  (Before joining the SCA I
>couldn't sew - and still can't very well. I only knew what sewing
>machines looked like because I had seen pictures of them in magazines...)
>Anyway, I would also, a thank you to Lady Arabella and Lord Fearghus (did
>I spell that right?) for allowing us to envade their home to hold the
>Clothier's Guild.
>I am looking forward to more exciting workshops...

What a wonderful thank you note!!  What most people don't realize is that I
enjoy teaching just as much, if not more, than you all enjoy learning.
Didn't you notice that every time anyone said "Yueah! That's gross!" last
night, I'd start giggling?  I'm glad I was able to help get so much gunk out
of so many sewing machines.  I'm also glad you found it worthwhile to drive
all the way from Denton to attend.  I hope we'll see you next month for
shirts & chemises.

In service,

>****Lavina del Bakhaus****

P.S.  Does your name mean "Lavina of the Bake House?"  It's very

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