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That was a very sweet thing for her to do. Vivat the Dream! The light shines
bright in her.

Kiriandra, A bard in the kingdom of Ansteorra
In Service to the Dream!
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Simone here.

Jumping up and down in Glee doing the Snoopy Dance.

Alisha one of the Newcommers I've been sheparding came home this evening
from visiting her dad,  ready to go with me to Warlord. when she found out I
was not going because we spent the warlord money on the dog. she graciously
offered to Pay for Duncan and I to go. In return for the event we've paid
for her to go.. I am so Happy. we will be thier friday afternoon. we'll
bring some sodas and Koolaid for the camp sence People so graciously took
breakfast. and my crew has said they would do the dishes for dinner over the

I am so Happy
see you all thier

Lady Simone

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