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margiejr margiejr at
Fri May 22 09:19:02 PDT 1998

>God help you Simone were on our way. to what who know I have not a clue,
>but it is sure to be an adventur ...can't wait
Ohh Noo....I'm sacred now...well I still don't have a clue...some times it's
better that way...Looking forward to this weekend. see you about 12 so we
can pack the car. Duncan should be home by 1....Now make sure you've got the
following in the car before comming to the house so we don't have to drive
back to Garland.

Your tolietries (yes this site actualy has showers)
Your wheel chair and walker (if you spend all day walking around on that
fake leg your going to hear it)
Your tent (got to have a place to sleep)
your bedding
Your Garb
Your Feast gear
Your matierials for Hobbies
Your Dumbec (thier will be drumming)
Your INHALER(forget this on I'll Kick your tail....bring the Machine this
site has electric)
Your First aid kit (asprin, bandaids, alergie medication)
Money for shoping if your going to do any

Ok Love ya se ya when you get here

Lady Simone

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