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margiejr margiejr at
Fri May 22 09:43:32 PDT 1998

>>Ohh Noo....I'm sacred now...well I still don't have a clue...some times
>>better that way...
>You better be who knows what well be doing this weekend ***EVIL GRIN***

HEHEHEHE.... But seiously Alisha we do Have to mind our manners a bit. we'll
go over ediquete when you get here. Steps Warlord is one of the high persona
events we talked about.

>Now make sure you've got the
>>following in the car before comming to the house so we don't have to
>>back to Garland.
>OK what ever I forget I'll get from you ***Smilling Cutely***

ok..sounds fair

>>Your tolietries (yes this site actualy has showers)
>>Your wheel chair and walker (if you spend all day walking around on
>>fake leg your going to hear it)
>Yes Mother

Your welcome child  8*)-

>>Your tent (got to have a place to sleep)
>you mean this time I'm not sleeping With You and Duncan ***Pout***

 NO NOO  NOOO  You have your own tent we have Ours ...that's all I am going
to say. any more than that would Qualify as too much information

>>your bedding
>>Your Garb
>>Your Feast gear
> to borrow some don't have any yet  ***PPPPPLLLEASSSSE***

which one..don't worry We'll fill in the list when you get here...your


>>Money for shoping if your going to do any
>YeahHH Shopping..I'm Horrible arn't I ***Evil Grin****

yes you are, but that's why we get along so well. 8}-

>Packing car will be leaving as soon as done I'll be late Just Now 11:30
>and packing car.

Ok see you when you get here

Lady Simone

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