ES - Steppes Warlord

Vicki Marsh zarazina at
Sun May 24 20:20:20 PDT 1998


Is their anyone else out there that couldn't go to Warlord?  It has been so quiet around here with everyone being gone.

I'm glad I stayed home.  I sound like a whole TB ward all by myself.  Talking just chokes me up.  

Any stories of the event?

Llywelyn and Philip called and told me that they made Mistress Branwyn a Pelican, that they named Sir Burke to be a Pelican at a later date, and that they named Wilhelm von Buch to the Chivlary - also to be done at a later date.  Cedric the Fiddler was named a Lion of Ansteorra.

I haven't heard anything since this morning.  

Zara Zina (cough, cough, hack, wheeze)

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