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Monica Merlick monicamerlick at
Mon May 25 10:23:00 PDT 1998

>Zara Zina,

We came home yesterday morning and have just woke up.  Thunder was loud, 
drummed alot and had an official unoffical Thunder Buns competition.  
Yes your wonderfull husband did enter (well he was attacked:).  Axel 
won.  We had lots of Thunder Punch around and most people were soused.  
It is wonderfull to be the hosting house for our household.  We missed 
you a hole bunch. See you soon.

Darius, Rosalia, Debbie & Mandy

>Well, it sounds like I wasn't the only one to stay home.
>I have discovered that it is difficult to make new things or to get =
>things done around the house when you are going to events every 
weekend. =
> Like everything else in life, we must find a balance.
>I haven't got any more news since Sunday Morning.=20
>Zara Zina

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