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Tue May 26 07:40:12 PDT 1998


This had been a interesting 24 hours. I cam home to a clean house which
pleased me. but to my surprise there was blood on one of the beds in the
guest room and on a wall in the living room. I checked the Dogs. My
Pit/sharpee mix and one of the shepards had dried blood on her coat but no
injuries. we checked all the animals and they were fine. I went into he
Guest room to discover a window as open. I checked the house and nothing was

So I went to my neighbor who was keeping an eye on the house while we were
at Warlord.
he said Saturday night he saw a few young men enter my house through the
window and Because he knew my dogs he called 911 and requested an ambulance
and the police respond to my house. The dogs attacked the intruders and the
were cought. nothing was missing.

This morning Fort Worth finest and a member of Animal control came to the
house. The Officer confirmed what My neighbor said about the break in. we
decided to charge them with Trespassing sence nothing was stolen. hoping the
bites from the dogs  would be a fine reminder. Animal control was there
because they had to take blood from the dogs. to be sure they attacked out
of defense of the home and not Rabies.  doggies are fine with all thier

I am very grateful to my dogs. BTW because of thei does anyone know the best
way to get blood out of Appulstery

Lady Simone

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