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Tue May 26 13:57:02 PDT 1998

awards ONLY for the Highland Games?  We could maybe have "most recruiting" ,
"best persona", "best costume" just anything that gives the mundanes idea of
we do.  The awards could be specific to HG games only and carry no other
but wouldn't that be fun. I would volunteer to make some award or sth.

You could give an award for the 1. best accent
                                               2. best pleated kilt.
                                               3. best  spinning              
                                               4. best Dying (on the field and
off pun intended)
                                               5. best  courtly manner( for a
                                               6.  best story (celtic)
                                               7.  best knotwork
                                               last and not least in the best
tradition of SCA as prizes                                                    
                                               give out Blue Ribbons. 

Ly Maili Donnel McGregor
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